North Carolina Environmental Restoration Association, Inc.

About Us

A collaboration of environmental consultants, mitigation bankers, contractors, engineers, surveyors, and financial professionals with an interest in promoting and expanding the environmental restoration industry in North Carolina. North Carolina Environmental Restoration Association, Inc. is an organization that is tax exempt and in compliance with Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501 (C)(6).

About Us
  • Member firms represent over 180 restoration professionals across North Carolina
  • NCERA meets quarterly to discuss relevant industry topics in an open forum hosted by alternating member firms. Speakers from state agencies, federal regulatory authorities, and academic institutions are often invited to present at these meetings to inform the group of trends in policy and scientific research.
  • Member firms have offices in Wilmington, Goldsboro, Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Greensboro, Winston Salem, Charlotte, and Asheville.
  • Member firms provide work with companies outside NCERA including: engineering firms, construction companies, landscape firms, survey firms, archaeological survey firms, soil scientists, law firms, and surety companies.
  • Member firms have developed projects in all 100 counties in the State of North Carolina.

Our Mission

The North Carolina Environmental Restoration Association, a not-for-profit trade group, has been involved with the improvement of ecological restoration and conservation in the State of North Carolina since 2001. Our goals include the continued improvement of the environmental restoration industry in North Carolina through education, collaboration and political outreach with the various governmental and non-governmental organizations. We strive to work with member companies, relevant regulatory agencies, non-profits and the state’s In Lieu Fee mitigation program to improve and enhance restoration in North Carolina.


Promote high quality environmental restoration projects in North Carolina through information sharing and collaborative learning.


Assist in the development and sustainability of a commercially viable mitigation banking market in North Carolina through engagement of the regulatory community, mitigation consumers, and special interest groups.


Promote environmental restoration initiatives through active participation in the legislative process through lobbying and regular interactions with policy makers.


Partner with North Carolina's in-lieu fee provider, the NC Division of Mitigation Services (DMS), to help guide policy and program strategies that efficiently and effectively generate mitigation credits for private and public sector patrons.





  • Coordinate with legislative staff on proposed changes to water quality trading rules.
  • Respond to proposed federal Waters of the US (WOTUS) rule changes.
  • Coordinate with other state ERA groups and other industry groups regarding WOTUS.
  • Coordinate with the Southern Environmental Law Center to assist in legal action regarding proposed WOTUS changes.
  • Continue to coordinate with NCDOT and NCDMS on mitigation delivery in NC.
  • Implement organizational website.
  • Increase membership enrollment.
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Join Us

NCERA offers two levels of dues based on voting privilege. Voting member dues are $3,000/year and non-voting members' dues are $1,500/year. Membership year starts January 1st and runs to December 31st.